Thursday, 31 March 2011

10+: The Devil's Triangle - Mark Robson

Release Date: 31/03/11


The Bermuda Triangle has cast a shadow over Sam and Niamh Cutlers' lives since their mother vanished nine years ago. Her whereabouts remains a mystery and every year they return to the Florida Keys with their father, Matt, who is obsessed with solving the haunting puzzle. But Sam is bored with lazing around by the pool while his father hunts for the truth. Craving excitement, he and his friend, Callum, borrow Matt's boat. At first it's great fun, but when they find themselves marooned in a terrifying land, the boys realise they too have fallen victim to the Triangle's mysterious effects. Can they find a way home, or will they be lost forever?


I always have a lot of fun with Mark Robsons work, whether its following an Imperial Assassin or riding on the back of dragons, you never know what you're going to get with each title apart from solid writing and a great adventure, everything else is up in the air awaiting the mental devouring of those lucky enough to pick up a copy of his book.

Here in this title Mark turns his hand at the Bermuda Triangle as Conan Doyle's Lost World meets futuristic Lizard Men with their own environmental apocalypse. Add to this a group of human rebels (ala Planet of the Apes) with a story told from the point of view of our twin heroes (Sam in the alternate world, Niamh in our own trying to find a way to get her brother and mother back) and you know that its building up for an epic series.

All in a great, if at times slightly confusing start but one that shows so much potential and options that we really can't wait to get our hands on the next title. Great stuff.

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