Saturday, 19 March 2011

9+: Fly by Night 2: The Twilight Robbery - Frances Harding

Release Date: 04/03/11


Mosca Mye and Eponymous Clent are in trouble again. Escaping disaster by the skin of their teeth, they find refuge in Toll, the strange gateway town where visitors may neither enter nor leave without paying a price. By day, the city is well-mannered and orderly; by night, it's the haunt of rogues and villains. Wherever there's a plot, there's sure to be treachery, and wherever there's treachery, there's sure to be trouble - and where there's trouble, Clent, Mosca and the web-footed apocalypse Saracen can't be far behind. But as past deeds catch up with them and old enemies appear, it looks as if this time there's no way out ...


The follow on title from the much loved Fly by Night and one that will keep readers glued from the first page to the last. The wonderfully inventive world that Frances creates will enchant, the writing is lovingly creative and when backed with great prose and a fast paced plot alongside great characters, the reader knows that they have every chance to get the most from this book. Add to this complex recipe some real humdinger twists, a touch of mayhem as well as a quest and you know that its going to be something that is very special to the young reader.

Whilst you don’t have to have read the original title in the series I ‘d suggest that you do as otherwise you may well find yourself missing some of the details that are woven within this titles tapestry which made it a real joy to read. All in, this is fun, it is complex and above all else our characters have to ask if the ends justify the means.

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