Saturday, 12 March 2011

3+: It's a Book - Lane Smith

Release Date: 04/03/11


A wry exchange between an IT-savvy donkey, a book-loving ape and a mouse forms this playful and lighthearted examination of print as a medium in the digital age. With a subversive and signature Lane Smith twist, this satisfying, perfectly executed picture book has something to say about the importance of reading to children and adults alike.


I love titles that are something a little different to the many out there. What this title by Lane Smith brings to the fore is the debate about traditional publishing vs. electronic. It’s definitely creative, it has some great characters and the overall story is one to enthuse and amuse both adults and children. My only real gripe with this title is the name of one of the characters. Whilst I know that the term Jackass is technically correct, with the insult connotations I feel that they should have perhaps changed it to Donkey. That said though it is a fun title and one that really gave me a laugh and will also hopefully do the same for my nephews which are the main thing.

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