Sunday, 20 March 2011

7+: Why you need a Passport when you're going to Puke! - Mitchell Symons

Release Date: 03/03/11


Discover where a three-headed turtle was discovered in 1999, where the first toothbrush was invented, which country has summer as the only season and where you can buy square watermelons! This title is guaranteed to have young readers hooked for hours.


They often say that you can tell a lot about people from the titles that they keep in the bathroom. In mine you’ll find the odd women’s magazine but always at least one Mitchell Symons book. Why? Well they’re easy to dip into and full of trivia that is not only wonderfully presented but also hugely comical. Whilst many people do wonder why, as an adult, I keep children’s titles like this in there, they soon become engrossed enough so much so that at times, I’ve had to send a Feline Expedition to hurry people up. (Yes, my cat’s respond to the command of “Find (Insert name).”

It’s almost as if Mitchell has taken a leaf from a certain Time Lord and managed to manipulate the very fabric of the universe with his wonderful mine of information. Its beautifully presented for readers of all ages, the images within comical and above all else it’s a great talking point and way to introduce the wonders of the world to the next generation. All in a lot of fun, although I would suggest that an adult reads each one first, purely as some of them may contain facts that you may not want a child to know too early.

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