Monday, 21 March 2011

3+: I Can Draw: Playtime/I Can Draw: At the Sea - Simon Abott

Release Date: 21/03/11


I Can Draw: Playtime/At the Sea gives children the confidence to learn to draw their favourite playthings. Starting from a simple shape, each step adds a little extra until the picture is complete.


Whilst I never really learned to draw until later in life, I absolutely love this series by Simon Abbott that gives the young user the chance to learn to draw at an early age. It’s a cleverly designed book and one that will more than appeal to children and adults alike.

So far with this series I’ve had a lot of fun learning how to draw bugs, wild animals, seaside items as well as a whole host of useful Pets and things at the Farm with my oldest nephew. This series is one that I can’t give enough praise to as it has so much to offer. The only thing I would recommend is to hide the pen when not in use as otherwise you may well end up with a few new drawings on walls that you didn’t expect.

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