Monday, 7 March 2011

3+: When the World was Waiting for You - Gillian Shields

Release Date: 07/03/11


This celebration of new life will allow for tender bedtime cuddles everywhere as the book relishes the shared family pleasure of a new baby. This perfect first picture book will allow childen to either think about their own arrival into the world or prepare them for the arrival of a new sibling, as the words and pictures combine to create a world at peace with itself.


If you want a book that’s a little different, one that isn’t action packed but full of a story to endear and enrich the heart for the young reader then this could very well be the book for you. It has some wonderful illustrations by Anna Currey, backed with rhyming couplets that will help your youngling follow the rhythm’s and patterns within. Add to that a pillowed softcover, colourful almost picturesque images and its quite a clever title. If however you want something not so heartfelt you might find this title a little bit twee for your tastes.

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