Monday, 14 March 2011

5+: Don't Want to Go - Shirley Hughes

Release Date: 04/03/10


Mum is ill and Dad has to go to work, so Lily will have to go to Melanie's house for the day. Dad says she'll have lots of fun, but there's a problem: Lily doesn't want to go! Join Lily as she braves Melanie's house, and realises that doing new things needn't be scary after all.


I remember Dogger from my childhood and when I discovered that this had been released last year thought that I’d best get my skates on and obtain a copy. What you get with a title by Shirley is a story that has a very homey and realistic feel which is backed with some delightfully realistic artwork. It has a wonderful lead character, an everyday adventure and a child that all of us can associate with regardless of our age. That’s the key with Shirley’s titles, they appeal to adults as well as children and above all else they really will stay with you years later which makes this a wonderful addition to any child’s bookshelf.

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