Tuesday, 15 March 2011

8+: The Wombles Go Round the World - Elizabeth Beresford

Release Date: 07/03/11


Great Uncle Bulgaria loves telling the ancient and revered history of the Wombles clans to the younger Wombles. But to his great sadness he notices that the young Wombles are not nearly as interested in the history as he is. So Great Uncle Bulgaria decides to take action and show these young Wombles how wonderful - and international - the history of the Wombles is. Tobermory invents some very eco-friendly clockwork air balloons to travel in and Orinoco, Bungo, Tomsk and Wellington are sent variously to America, Tibet and Australia. In these interesting and farflung places the young Wombles get quite as much excitement as they could wish for!


Having read a Wombling story not that long back in tribute to Elizabeth, I wanted to do the same again for another one in order to get a fuller flavour of the hairy Wimbledon heroes. When this title landed I was a little shocked to see that its original release date was when I was one, so whilst I knew that it would be dated for a story to stay in print it has to have a lot of contributing characteristics to give it such longevity. What unfurls perhaps first of all is that there’s a womble for everyone, may like Uncle Bulgaria, others like Wellington or Madame Cholet , personally I’m an Orinoco fan as he’s the one I can associate with more, a bit clumsy, a fan of sleep and for me the most fun to be around.

Each womble brings something new to the reader and whilst their overall adventures have an eco-friendly connotation, they’re entertaining, the language is accessible for readers and above all else it’s a lot of fun to be around. All in great fun and with luck Bernard Cribbins will be back for more misadventures at some point with these cracking characters.

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