Friday, 1 April 2011

5+: Solomon Crocodile - Catherine Rayner

Release Date: 01/04/11


Poor Solomon is looking for some fun but no one wants to play. The dragonflies tell him to buzz off, the storks get in a flap, and the hippo? Well, the less said about the hippo, the better! But then somebody else starts causing trouble...and for once it is not Solomon. Could it be the perfect pal for a lonely crocodile? This is a snappy, happy, stunning new book from the award-winning Catherine Rayner.


Walking along the river bank, Solomon Crocodile tries to get up to all sorts of mischief until the other animals stop him. Its colourful, it’s fun and it is ideal reading material for the young reader to get a “snappy” taste of the fun that they will have in future years after learning to read. Add to this a great plot, some fun characters as well as a new friend for Solomon and the reader really will learn that the best things come in twos. Great fun all in and a title that adults will love to read as much as children.

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