Thursday, 21 April 2011

3+: Driver Dan's Story Train: Not Now Norman - Rebecca Elgar

Release Date: 07/01/11


This eye-catching, Driver Dan storybook features Not Now Norman , one of the picture books read in the television series. It's a lovely day and Norman and his family go for a bike ride. Little Norman, sitting at the back, spots trouble, but no one listens to him! Will he save the day? Here, picture books from the TV series are brought to life by Driver Dan and the Story Train characters. Beautiful artwork and an original story will engage young children and emerging readers. They are encouraged to look at the pictures and discuss the action, before re-enacting elements from the story in an entirely natural, entertaining way that will broaden their book experience.


A new title in the Driver Dan series and one that continues the hard work of the previous titles as a solid story meets great artwork and will be something that ties not only nicely into the TV series but also becomes a story that will be requested time and again. All in a great bit of fun and perhaps one of my nephews favourites to date due to the unlikely hero and a character who will stay with the young readers memory for quite some time. With luck Norman will be back in future offerings.

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