Sunday, 17 April 2011

3+: Monster Baby - Lee Carr and Jane Massey

Release Date: 07/04/11


Jake wants to play with Mum but first Meg, his baby sister, needs a nap. But Meg doesn't want to sleep. She grabs at Jake's hair, throws her toys and soon she's sprouting fur! Can Jake help a real Monster Baby fall asleep? And will things get back to normal before Mum notices? It's the perfect book for big brothers and sisters everywhere.


On first glance this title has so much going for it, a scenario where a child gets the unusual where the titles lead character has a sister with an “Incredible” power (Jack Jack’s) to turn into a monster and our hero has to calm her down so that he can then play games with Mum. It had a lot of potential, it had some bright colours but it felt a little slow, it didn’t keep me gripped and to be honest I think that there are other titles that will grab the readers imagination more. A great shame to be honest but of the Picture books coming out recently, Pirate House Swap wins hands down.

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