Sunday, 10 April 2011

TEEN: Dark Rising 1: The Gathering - Kelley Armstrong

Release Date: 07/04/11


The world seemed to dip and darken and I smelled wet earth and thick musk and fresh blood. The wind whipped past, like I was running. Running so fast the ground whizzed beneath me and the wind cut across my skin ...Maya Delaney has always felt a close bond with nature. The woods around her home are a much-loved sanctuary - and the pawprint birthmark on her hip feels like a sign that she belongs. But then strange and terrible things begin to happen in the tiny medical-research town of Salmon Creek (population: 200). The captain of the swim team drowns mysteriously in the middle of a calm lake. Mountain lions appear around Maya's home, and won't go away. Her best friend, Daniel, starts experiencing 'bad vibes' about certain people and things. One of those people is Rafe - the new bad boy in town. What is he hiding - and why is he suddenly so interested in Maya ...?


I love Kelley’s writing so when a new title lands it’s always a treat. What I got from Kelley’s first title in her new Young Adult series is a story that whilst different to a number of titles out there will invariably draw parallels between Maya and Mercy Hauptman (Nee Thompson) by Patricia Briggs. Whilst the characters are different certain physical traits that appear will draw many a fans discussion and as such will allow the reader to hopefully explore the mythos of the American Natives to gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries that have so intrigued readers of the paranormal for years.

Add to this a good understanding of the myths involved as well as in-depth info dumps that are similar to the type utilised by Lori Handeland in her Nightcreature Novels and it will make for very interesting reading. If you’re looking for a bridge between the adult writing world and the Young Adult then this could well be the series for you. It definitely has a great lead character, some great mysteries as well as decent plotline which when looked at from the overall arc could well leave the reader wondering why they didn’t spot certain clues before. Finally add to this solid storytelling which when backed with a real understanding for the Young Adult Mind with the characters and you know tis going to be a title that’s hard to put down making the wait for the second part nearly unbearable.

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  1. I loved this book so much. I know Kelley's never going to let me down though, lol.