Tuesday, 5 April 2011

5+: Pirate House Swap - Abbie Longstaff, Malk Chalmers

Release Date: 07/04/11


Every year the Clark family spent the summer at home in the city. This year they want to do something different with their summer holidays, but what? The Clarks absolutely can't agree on anything until Dad spots an advert in the paper with the perfect answer - a house swap! Find out what happens when the Clarks swap their house for a pirate ship, and what the crew of unruly pirates get up to in the Clarks' house...


Picture books for the young reader need to do a number of things, firstly for me, they have to entertain, secondly they have to have bright colours and perhaps best of all they need a special hook that makes them unique against the multitudes out there. Here in this title by Abbie Longstaff the reader gets a story that brings a modern family scenario such as a holiday home with the fantastical, in this case pirates as the two swap the usual for the unusual.

It has some great twists, it has some colourful characters and above all else its some of the author’s wicked sense of humour that comes through that will endear this title to adults and children alike. There’s something for everyone and when you add a cat with an earring to the proceedings its one that will stick with the reader for a long time. Yaarrrggghhhh.

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