Monday, 25 April 2011

TEEN: Birthmarked - Caragh O'Brien

Release Date: 28/04/11


IN THE ENCLAVE, YOUR SCARS SET YOU APART, and the newly born will change the future. In the future, in a world baked dry by the harsh sun, there are those who live inside the walled Enclave and those, like sixteen-year-old Gaia Stone, who live outside. Following in her mother's footsteps Gaia has become a midwife, delivering babies in the world outside the wall and handing a quota over to be "advanced" into the privileged society of the Enclave. Gaia has always believed this is her duty, until the night her mother and father are arrested by the very people they so loyally serve. Now Gaia is forced to question everything she has been taught, but her choice is simple: enter the world of the Enclave to rescue her parents, or die trying. A stunning adventure brought to life by a memorable heroine, this dystopian debut will have readers racing all the way to the dramatic finish.


To be honest with you I wasn’t quite sure on this title and whilst I love a bleak future title as much as the next person, I had trouble getting to grips with the lead character, first of all she didn’t trust anyone and whilst this is due to a childhood injury it does leave the reader wondering why we should trust “her” as our heroine especially when there aren’t any real hooks to get into her so that the reader can associate. Second of all the title was all about the usual type of futuristic society where the poor are downtrodden and manipulated to allow the rich to get more powerful.

Finally add to this a love interest that if you followed the rest of society wouldn’t have been within a mile of this downtrodden minion of the future and you can see how far-fetched this title is becoming. Whilst I didn’t really enjoy this book there was a lot of potential and I did like the authors writing style so that I will keep an eye out for future titles by her, alas if the outline doesn’t make more sense next time then I think I might bypass her titles in favour of another author.

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