Tuesday, 19 April 2011

5+: Quick, Slow, Mango - Anik McGrory

Release Date: 18/04/11


Baby elephant Kidogo is off with his mama to find breakfast. She's always telling him to hurry, but Kidogo loves to take his time and wants to do everything slowly. Meanwhile, up in the trees, a mischievous monkey named PolePole is always in a rush, trying to grab all the mangoes he can! Fast and slow, these two adorable critters meet up in the luckiest way - and it's mangoes for breakfast for everyone!


I’m always on the lookout for something a little different so when this title from Bloomsbury landed I knew that I had something special. The story has a very Indian/African feel to it and with colourful characters, a moralistic story alongside some magical artwork, it was a title that I know is going to enthuse as well as impress my young nephews. Personally I loved the antics of PolePole and with a heroic young elephant like Kidogo on hand it is a tale that will become a firm favourite and hopefully stand the test of time making this a fun book and one that will linger within the memories of your young readers.

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