Saturday, 26 February 2011

TEEN: The Abused Werewolf Support Group - Catherine Jinks

Release Date: 03/02/11


A werewolf? I kept stumbling over that word; it made no sense to me. How could I be a werewolf? Werewolves didn't exist. When Tobias Vandevelde wakes up in hospital with no memory of the night before, he is told that he was found unconscious. In a zoo pen. The doctor rules out epilepsy and Toby's prank-loving friends are just as freaked out as he is. Then the wild-eyed Reuben turns up talking in hushed tones about Toby being a werewolf. Reuben's pale, insomniac friends seem equally convinced and offer to chain him up every full moon. They also claim to be part of some sort of vampire support group. This has to be a joke - right? It's only when he's kidnapped, imprisoned and in desperate need of rescuing that Toby begins to believe them...


A bit of a blind choice for me, but I know Quercus and I know the quality of the writing that they bring to the table so I thought that it would be an interesting choice all in. What I didn’t quite expect was a tale that had a realistic flair to it before a leap into the fabulous Urban Fantasy world that many would like to exist under the surface of our own. Add to this a lead character that the readers will love, who has a wonderful grip on reality as well as a delightful dark sense of humour really brought this tale to life and as such was the star of the book.

Finally add to this a fairly unique authors sense of writing, some great prose and dialogue that will attract many readers into Catherines world. A real treat and one that, when I get the time, will ensure that I pick up The Reformed Vampire Support Group.

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  1. Again, I'm blaming you for adding titles to my TBR pile... or I should say, piles.