Friday, 25 February 2011

3+: I Spy Something Wonderful - David Conway, Ill. Paula Bowles

Release Date: 03/02/11


Mummy Deer, Daddy Deer and Baby Deer are playing 'I spy'. There are lots of wonderful things to spot ...a cloud as soft as a whisper, a sleepy sunset, a bright shimmering star. But there is something more wonderful than all these things. Can Baby Deer guess what it is? This is the perfect bedtime book for all little ones who are loved by their mummy and daddy. The charming heart-shaped die-cut and gatefold wonderfully reiterate the sweet sentiments of this book. This book is presented with wonderfully cute illustrations by new artist Paula Bowles.


A brightly colourful offering from David Conway and whilst the rhymes and rhythm keeps the story moving, the overall arc is a bit on the twee side. Don’t get me wrong the artworks bright style works very well, the puzzles within are thought provoking but overall I felt that the book was a little old fashioned in its ending as well as being a bit to sappy for some adults tastes (and it is the adult you have to bring in prior to the recipient for the title.) A great shame as it was a book that I had high hopes for.

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