Sunday, 6 February 2011

3+: Ribbit Rabbit - Candace Ryan, Illustrated Mike Lowery

Release Date: 07/02/11


Frog and Bunny are the best of friends. Ribbit, rabbit. Rabbit, ribbit. They do everything together - like fight monsters! Ribbit, rabbit. Zip it, zap it. And even though they don't always get along ...Ribbit, rabbit. Trip it, trap it. They always make up in the end. Ribbit, rabbit. Rabbit, ribbit. Ribbit Rabbit combines a simple, endearing text from Candace Ryan, with unique and fresh illustrations from designer Mike Lowery.


Picture books have to have something about them that makes them accessible for all. You need to hook the reader in as well as having something special for the target audience. Within this book is a moral story accompanied with beautifully bright pictures which makes this a real joy to pass on to another generation. So much so, that I had to read it three times to my nephew who loved it that much he wanted to join in which made this a real triumph and definitely one that will have a favoured place in many readers hearts.

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