Wednesday, 2 February 2011

3+: My Magnetic Farmyard - Joy Gosney

Release Date: 06/01/11


A fantastic new addition to our magnetic casepack series, this book contains a magnetic barn, four board book stories and 30 magnets to play with. Children will love reading the stories and then creating their own scenes using the magnets. Hours of imaginative play guaranteed and when they're done the magnets can be tucked away in the handy storage compartment.


OK, this is a bit of a strange book as you get 30 magnet creations to play with, four stories and to be honest the availability to create so many of your own in a modern interpretation of a victorian puppet house. It’s a serious offering and one that can have so much creative fun with not just you but your child. Its definitely something that is going to be a ton of fun and with the other books in the series including, My Magnetic Space Station, My Magnetic Palace and My Magnetic Garage, will be a series that has something for everyone. The only suggestion that I’d make is that you either keep the magnetic pieces separate or only have this book available when you have the time to make sure that you can put everything back.

So many hours of fun to be had not just by the child but by an adult accompanying their reading experience make this an item that I feel is an absolute must have.

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