Wednesday, 23 February 2011

3+: Wolf Won't Bite - Emily Gravett

Release Date: 04/02/11


Take your seat in the front row and watch in wonder as three cheeky little circus pigs make a wild wolf jump through hoops (literally), endure feats of astounding derring-do, and even withstand perilous games of dress-up. Safe in the thought that Wolf Won't Bite! they even put their heads between his jaws ...but can you push a wolf too far? Sure to strike a chord with anyone who has both a pet and a young child, this is a very funny and playful story with a snappy ending!


Emily Gravett is one of those authors that I get on blind faith, she has a unique writing style, a wonderful sense of whimsy within her artwork and always brings something novel to the table. That said, this is perhaps her weakest title to date and one that left me feeling that she could have lost part of her magic appeal that has always ensnared me before. The illustrations are still beautiful, the colours just as vivid but the overall story really didn’t accomplish anything, it felt more as an after thought than her usual story telling style almost as if the images were created first without any real journey to achieve due to a books deadline fast approaching which made this release a sad shame, in my opinion, had they had the last page as a moving pop up that might have made a difference. Of the Gravett titles out there get your hands on the Blue Chameleon, the Odd Egg or even Spells. These really will set the standards for you.

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