Tuesday, 22 February 2011

3+: Funny Faces - Nicola Smee

Release Date: 04/02/11


A little boy is happily playing with his dog and his football, when he’s suddenly confronted by a big bear, who runs off with his ball!
Experiencing a whole range of emotions, the little boy makes a lot of funny faces during the course of this charming book, and the reader is encouraged to copy him. Young ones will adore pulling all the hilarious expressions – particularly when they see how funny they themselves look in the surprise mirror on the last page.
A delightful, interactive first storybook, packed with fun and ideal for little hands to hold!


A quaint title by Nicola that will have the young recipient of the session chuckling along and pulling funny faces as the story develops. It’s definitely something novel, it also has a great short to the point story that will keep the reader more than happy and a tale that will enthuse as well as delight the adult as well. Add to this a good bit of fun, bright colours and delightful repetition on the words and there’s something for all in this wonderful offering.

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