Sunday, 20 February 2011

3+: Marcello Mouse and the Masked Ball - Julie Monks

Release Date: 04/02/11


In the deepest, darkest corner of Venice a lonely mouse called Marcello longs for the music and excitement of a masked ball, but there's just one problem. Marcello is not invited! But with a leap and a hop and a flick of his tail (and a rather cunning disguise) he bravely slips into the Grand Palace. A dangerous decision for a little mouse, to gatecrash a pussycat ball ...


If you want a bright colourful story set within the wondrous city of Venice then this title by Julie Monks will perhaps be the book for you, as our hero travels to the Masked Ball of the Cats to enjoy a night of revelry. Beautifully creative with a marvellous storyline the books hero has something for everyone, there’s bravery, there’s a wonderful sense of daring and above all else it is his love of life that comes through. Whilst to an adult mind parts of it won’t make sense it is a title that young readers will enjoy time and again and definitely one that amuses as well as hopefully enthuses the young mind. A great addition to any young reader’s library.

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