Friday, 11 February 2011

11+: Million Dollar Mates: Paparazzi Princess - Cathy Hopkins

Release Date: 06/01/11


It's the end of term and Jess is excited about all the new faces due to arrive at Number 1, Porchester Park for the holidays. Outside the apartment block, the usual paparazzi lie in wait hoping for a story or photo. Jess knows she should avoid them, and when new resident Riko arrives, they enjoy dodgin the cameras together. But is Riko all she appears to be - or is this million dollar mate a fake? Distracted by two boys: handsome A-lister, JJ, and school babe-magnet, Tom - neither of whom are making their intentions totally clear - Jess is finding it really hard to know who to trust right now. And getting it wrong could prove to be a costly mistake...


If you’re a young female reader that wants a story of glitz and glamour built in with some typical teen worries about friends, boys and of course life, then this series by Cathy Hopkins will hit the spot. It has all these elements bound up with a neat little bow and of course a strong female lead that as she struggles through her own worries helps those with more to their lives achieve a more bearable sense of normality.

This, whilst being the second novel in the series, allows the reader to see our young female lead grow, helps her come to terms with some emotional difficulties as well as overcoming a curve ball or two. Ideal reading material and one that allows the reader to jump in even if they’ve currently missed the first one in the series whilst this leads comfortably the reader by the hand to look forward to Cathy’s next instalment.

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