Sunday, 27 February 2011

3+: Lulu's Lunch - Camilla Reid, Ill. Ailie Busby

Release Date: 21/02/11


Join Lulu on her exciting culinary journey as she discovers sticky honey, a banana to peel, a picnic box to unpack and a brilliant finale - a plateful of spaghetti! An action-packed activity book perfect for all toddlers, picky eaters or not. With robust tabs and novelty elements, Lulu's Lunch is an ideal mealtime accompaniment.


Picture books these days have to have something special about them and that’s exactly what happens with in this delightful title by Camilla Reid and Ailie Busby. It’s bright, it has a wonderfully entertaining storyline and above all else it has a wonderfully bright character in Lulu. Add to this some wonderfully colourful illustrations, some secrets to find in most pictures alongside the tactile materials within and the reader will not only be delighted but charmed.

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