Wednesday, 16 February 2011

9+: Z Raptor - Steve Cole

Release Date: 06/01/11


This is a sensational thriller about hyper-evolved dinosaurs, battling for supremacy on a small Pacific island - with fourteen-year-old Adam and a few friends struggling to survive in their midst. Who should Adam trust, and where can he turn for help when his dad disappears and every moment feels like it could be his last?


Having read the first title in this series and failing to be impressed against his other stuff I really did put off reading this title. Yes, I know, it was a mistake, I should have had more faith and I should have gotten around to this earlier but when a problem occurs they can be real sticklers to get round.

What Steve accomplishes in this book is characters that are more rounded and feel like people you could meet on the street which when backed with a good sense of pace as well as overall arc really made this title come alive. Back that up with some very creative writing alongside some great action sequences and the reader really will enjoy this book.

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