Wednesday, 19 December 2012

TEEN: The Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin

Release Date: 02/08/12

Book Blurb: 
Death is impossible and living is impossibly hard for 17-year-old Araby Worth in this sexy, post-Apocalyptic reimagining of Poe's gothic horror story of the same name. It's 1870 and a deadly virus has decimated the population of North America. Masked corpse-collectors roam the streets, removing the bodies before the contagion can spread. Though Araby tries to escape it all with drugs and parties, even at her most intoxicated she can't forget her brother's death - or her guilt for causing it. But things begin to change when William, the fascinating proprietor of The Debauchery Club where she searches for oblivion, and Elliott, nephew of the insane dictator, enter her life. One wants her heart, and the other her name. Convinced that he has won over his uncle's army, Elliott believes that having Araby on his arm will charm the populace into supporting a new government. After all, her father is the inventor of the mask which prevents the spread of the plague and saved civilisation - for those who can afford it...but Araby's greatest interest is that his plans will make protective masks available to all citizens and, in particular, to Will's young siblings, whom she has come to love despite herself.

But nothing is what it seems. A new contagion called the Red Death is sweeping the city and a shocking revelation about the origin of the new virus puts Araby's life in danger. The mob wants her. The rebels want her. And both boys want her. In this superb two-book series, what and who Araby chooses may just decide the fate of humanity ...

If a book is based on what many would think of as a literary classic, then that book has to be something special and to be honest this was a book that’s taken me some time to review purely as I wanted to digest what I’d read.

Firstly this book is all about the setting, its dark, it seeps into the readers unconscious and to be honest it works delightfully well for the author. The principle character comes over very well (if not a little over the top) and for readers of Teen fiction, will fit in beautifully whilst still being someone they can identify with.

Add to this solid direction, a wonderful sense of pace and of course a story that keeps you going right to the very end which all in makes this a book that you really will enjoy.


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