Monday, 3 December 2012

3+: Father Christmas Needs a Wee - Nicolas Allan

Release Date: 04/10/12

Book Blurb: 
In this cracking Christmas counting book, Father Christmas can't help but help himself to the tasty treats he finds as he delivers present after present. But it isn't long before he really, really, really needs a wee...This is a festive mini hardback book with a soft toy Father Christmas that doubles up as a Christmas tree decoration!

OK, yes I have a childish sense of humour but to be honest about it, its all my Dad’s fault. LOL This book is one that young readers will love as it has a dinosaur within, they’ll love the fact that the main character within learns a lesson and when added to a whole load of Dino Poop, really makes this a book that entertains on so many levels.

Add to this really bright colourful images, a wonderful storyline and of course an adult not only brave enough to read it but laugh alongside (which is no problem when my Fathers involved) and all round it’s a book that was a lot of fun to spend some time with.


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