Friday, 7 December 2012

GUEST BLOG: An Intro to the World of Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes

FALLING KINGDOMS focuses on the land of Mytica—a continent approxmately the size of the UK, which was divided into three kingdoms a thousand years ago. 

In the north is Limeros, a land ruled by a cruel king with the nickname of “the king of blood.” He has a heart of ice, much like his kingdom, which has slowly frozen over, as if it’s under a curse. Limerians are devoted to Valoria, goddess of earth and water, and worship is a daily part of their lives. Because of the harsh climate and their merciless king, their lives are difficult, but they are a strong and stubborn people with the will to survive. 

In the center of Mytica is Paelsia, a land which also seems under a curse. Unlike frozen Limeros, Paelsia’s soil has gradually wasted away from the Forbidden Mountains in the east and moving toward the Silver Sea in the west. Paelsians are a very poor people, dependent on their meager income from their one major export—an infamously delicious wine grown from grapes that only flourish in what little rich soil Paelsia has left. Paelsians do not worship a god or goddess, nor do they have an official king. Instead, they look to their chieftain, a self-proclaimed sorcerer who has yet to show any real signs of the magic he claims will save his people. 

In the south of Mytica is Auranos, a golden land of prosperity and peace. Here there are lush forests and meadows, blue skies, and warm temperatures. Their devotion to Cleiona, goddess of fire and air has gradually fallen away in recent decades, as citizens lean more toward a hedonistic lifestyle than one grounded in religion. This land is not cursed as its close neighbors seem to have been and this earns it both disdain and envy. Auranos is ruled over by a benevolent king with two beautiful daughters. But in a land where everything is simple, the people can quickly grow lazy and spoiled. 

Throughout Mytica there is the legend of hidden magic—four lost crystals known as the Kindred. Another legend is the existence of immortals known as Watchers, who can take the form of hawks to enter the mortal realm. Both Watchers and mortals seek the lost magic…the only question is – who will find it first?

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