Sunday, 9 December 2012

8+: Emily Windsnap 5: Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun - Liz Kessler

Release Date: 06/09/12

Book Blurb: 
Emily and Aaron are sent on a top secret mission by King Neptune. The king has been having nightmares he doesn't understand and he knows only that Emily and Aaron must go to the Land of the Midnight Sun to avoid catastrophe. But when the friends arrive in this icy world of mountains and glaciers, they uncover a mystery more dangerous than they ever imagined. With the help of her best friends and a brave heart can Emily survive and fulfil her mission? A magical adventure about the power of friendship.

Liz is an author that knows what her readers want and delivers it in spades as in this, the fifth title in the Emily Windsnap series has gone to prove. Emily as a character has grown and with the support of her friends alongside her courage really has gone from strength to strength with each subsequent title challenging her more than the last.

Here sent to the far north (on a mission for Nepture) Emily is thrown straight in at the deep end and its only through her determination that things get done, it’s a wonderful read, has some truly magical moments and when blended with the authors no nonsense no word wasted style really makes this one of the best of the series to date. Great stuff.


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