Tuesday, 11 December 2012

3+: Cinderella's Bum and Other Bottoms - Nicolas Allan

Release Date: 30/08/12 BOOK BLURB: A big sister is horrified when she can't fit into her swimming costume. Her BOTTOM IS SOO BIG! But her little sister has some good advice.There follows a wonderful romp through history and fairyland, as the little sister explains exactly why a big bottom can be useful. Father Christmas needs one for crash landings and, if you are a queen, a big bum is vital to keep you comfy while sitting on your throne ...Once again Nicholas Allan combines laugh-out-loud humour with real insight that cannot fail to raise a smile.

REVIEW: This title is different to the other books by Nicolas Allan and whilst its still reasonable I didn’t enjoy it as much as two of his others “Father Christmas needs a Wee” and my personal favourite “The Giant’s Loo Roll.” Don’t get me wrong the story is fun, the pictures bright but for me it lacks the fun that the other two books had in spades. All in it is an OK book and will give you some amusement but personally I’d suggest the other two titles first.

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