Monday, 17 December 2012

3+: Brave Little Owl - Penny Little

Release Date: 02/08/12

Book Blurb: 
Little Owl is teased by her brothers when her every attempt at flying ends in disaster. And all she wants is to make her Grandma's birthday perfect by showing her how brave she is. Her friends try to explain that lots of things can seem scary at first. But it takes some kind words from Grandpa to really help Little Owl face her fears. Eventually Little Owl manages to soar up into the sky under a gorgeous glittery moon, giving Grandma the best birthday present ever! Sean Julian's warm, detailed illustrations bring this sweet, atmospheric story to life with real feeling.

All life is full of challenges so when you know that your own child is going to face something that they may not be sure about, its great to help bring something a little different to the fore so that they can not only associate with the lead character but also find that through bravery and of course facing their fear that they can overcome it.

Here within this book is a story of a little owl who whilst the smallest was the one that overcame her greatest fear and managed to do something special. It shows that determination is key and also helps enforce a positive message for young readers. Add to this some wonderful artwork from Sean Julian and all in it’s a great story for readers. Magical.


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