Tuesday, 18 December 2012

5+: Toys in Space - Mini Grey

Release Date: 02/08/12

Book Blurb: 
What happens when you leave your toys out in the garden at night? They get beamed into space - that's what! Join our plucky band as they explore the cosmos, and help out one lonely alien along the way...

Mini Grey is an author who always manages to think outside the box for the reader, presenting a story that is not only meaningful but also one that really brings the bright fun style that she is known for to the readers imagination as the doll tells a story that they can all get behind.

Its vivid, it works very well and to be honest as an adult I like to bring something different to my nephews that lets them know that there’s all sorts of books out there. Add to this that it continues Mini’s own wonderful world that steps out from her imagination straight into the readers (as lets face it, we all know that Toy’s come to life at night) and all in it’s a good bit of fun.


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