Saturday, 1 December 2012

10+: Brotherband 3: The Hunters - John Flanagan

Release Date: 01/11/12

Book Blurb: 
Hal and his brotherband crew are hot on the trail of the pirate Zavac and they have one thing only on their minds: Stopping the bloodthirsty thief before he can do more damage. The chase leads down mighty rivers, terrifying rapids, to the lawless fortress of Ragusa. If Hal is to succeed, he will need to go beyond his brotherband training. He will need to challenge the pirate one-on-one, knowing only one of them will survive. The epic series from "Ranger's Apprentice" author John Flanagan continues, delivering pulse-pounding adventure and fun.

The latest story in the Brotherband Saga and one that brings to a close the search for the item that was stolen during the first book of the series. It’s definitely a series that I’m fully behind as each of the characters within has a flaw whether its short sightedness, hot headedness or even at times their own infighting, its something that they all overcome to help each other out to further the band’s goals throughout.

Add to this some cracking twists, a wonderful camaraderie that readers will love which when backed with everyone having a chance to shine including the oldest member of the crew who whilst disabled never lets it get in his way, really makes this a book to demonstrate that together you can overcome anything and smarts often overcomes brawn. Great stuff.


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