Thursday, 13 December 2012

TEEN: Fire City - Bali Rai

Release Date: 30/08/12

Book Blurb: 
Twenty-five years ago the world changed forever. A great war, which had raged for three years ended, and the reign of the Demons began...

Within the crumbling walls of Fire City, fifteen-year-old Martha is a member of the resistance, a small band of humans fighting for freedom in a lawless and horrifying new world. Amidst the chaos of battle arrives Jonah, a handsome stranger with a thirst for revenge and a power to destroy the Demon rulers.

As Martha and Jonah's lives collide, the future of the resistance is altered forever. The battle for humankind will now begin. An epic story of catastrophe, survival and the power of humanity.

The future is dark, the world is threatened and mankind is not only is not only declining alongside threatened but also on the menu. It’s hard hitting, the characters working very well in the dark dystopian future and when added to a kick ass plot that has serious pace alongside the odd lull to allow you to recover, works very well for readers.

Add to this an author who can do some solid sleight of hand, gives readers a cracking tale for their money as well as gives readers the possibility for future titles all in makes this a book that really will hit the spot. Finally throw into the mix a lead character that readers can not only identify with but will also want to spend time around and all in its been a lot of fun to spend some time in the future.


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