Tuesday, 12 October 2010

9+: Ripley's Twists

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Ripley’s Twists bring a fun, engaging and uniquely Ripley’s approach to a whole range of topics, from the human body to space. Each title blends stunning full-colour photographs and illustrations with clear explanations and extraordinary facts that are guaranteed to inform and to entertain.


Ripley’s has long been a name for the weird and wonderful and whilst I’ve always loved the main book, it’s always felt that it was a bit too bulky for easy reading.

Here they’ve fixed that by breaking the titles down into manageable chunks for the young reader. These titles are full of interesting facts and whilst parts are repeated in each of the books they’re great as refreshers.

Finally, with the titles being easy to organise for the reader for their personal interests the quirky facts backed with interesting pictures make this a fun way to learn as well as fascinate. A great combo for young readers everywhere.

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