Tuesday, 5 October 2010

3+: I'm not Scary - Rod Campbell

Release Date: 03/09/10


These creatures aren't scary ...or are they? A scritchy-scratchy grasshopper, a shiny beetle and even a slimy snail aren't scary - touch them to find out. But the pop-up creature on the last page might just make even brave toddlers jump!


Having loved Rod’s previous titles, I have to admit a love of his quirky nature backed up with a sense of anything can happen. Here in this, his latest offering, is a story with a touch and feel element that children will love as it’s definitely different. Chock full of fun (not just for the child buy the adult as well) but above all else it’s the interactive element that keeps it fascinating as the child learns by touch as well as feeling the different textures. A great offering with fun for all and a real gem to add to any young child’s bookshelf. You’ll be pleased that you did as it will be requested time and time again. Great stuff.

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