Monday, 4 October 2010

8+: The Little Prince (Graphic Novel) - Antoine De Saint-Exupery, Ill. Joanne sfar, Trans. Sarah Ardizzone

Release Date: 04/10/10


A lone pilot stranded in the desert is awoken by a little prince, and they become friends. The prince comes from a tiny nameless planet far away. All that exists on his planet are three volcanoes and a flower. Yet, when the flower became difficult to please, like and understand, the little prince left in search of new friends and places. Only when face to face with the absurdities of the adult world, does he finally realize how special all that he has really is to him.


A title brought to life in the graphic novel format from its original language to the English speaking world. Part existentialist, part philosophical this offering left me confused as to it’s purpose. Not that it wasn’t an interesting read but I felt that I was missing a greater piece of the puzzle.

Other than this, it was quirky and with illustrations by Joann Sfar that put me in mind of Little Nemo, it was definitely something that will stay with me for some time to come.

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