Thursday, 21 October 2010

12+: Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan

Release Date: 12/10/10


This is a thrilling new series featuring three brand-new demigod heroes, from the best-selling creator of Percy Jackson.


It’s felt like and age (practically Aeons) since I was able to enjoy a new Percy Jackson tale and whilst this is set in the same world, the freshness of having new heroes on their quest gives the reader something pretty special and a title that will pretty much be devoured quicker than a Cyclops (Hyperborian that is) on a hero.

Yes, I know that the Kane Chronicles are set in the same world as well but there was something of a comfort returning to the Greek Pantheon, one that I’m perhaps more familiar with so to speak.

Rick also adds new “blood” by introducing the Roman aspects of the Greek Gods, ways to slay the immortals and also serious cross over potential. So much so that if you’ve read the other titles this one is going to contain a few surprises, a couple of shocks and above all else something that will have you asking a ton of questions.

Finally with what feels like an ice age of a wait for the next book: (Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune which is scheduled for release in Autumn 2011) the readers will be thrashing it out to try and understand what’s happened within. Questions such as Where does the Roman Pantheon hang out? Are they also in NYC or like the demi gods are they in Frisco somewhere? If so is it going to be the Golden Gate Bridge or perhaps even Alcatraz. We’ll have to wait and see. Rick you are a cruel man but one seriously top notch writer.

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