Wednesday, 6 October 2010

5+: Little Wizard - Kazuno Kahara

Release Date: 03/09/10


Poor Little Wizard. He's the only one who can't fly, and none of the other wizards will be his friend. But after he meets a dragon in the woods he discovers that friendship can be found in the most surprising of places, and that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. A touching story about the power of friendship and self-belief from the CILIP Kate Greenaway - nominated creator of The Haunted House and Jack Frost .


Young readers will enjoy this story as will those who read it to their young ones. It’s a tale of an unusual friendship that shows that friends can be found in the strangest places. It’s got magic, it has dragons and above all else a moralistic take to show that we can all get along. Great fun, beautifully told and whilst the artwork may seem simplistic it only adds to the books charm. A real find.

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