Wednesday, 13 October 2010

10+: Do Igloos have Loos? - Mitchell Simmons

Release Date: 07/10/10


In Do Igloos Have Loos? Mitch Symons, the revolting reference expert, answers burning questions such as: How do you get out of quicksand? Why does your skin get wrinkly if you stay too long in the bath? Is your right foot really clever? And, crucial for everyone likely to get caught short in the Arctic, 'Do igloos have loos'?


Having come across Mitchell’s work before, I pretty much knew what to expect here as the king of mad trivia brings his talent to the young reader.

It’s quirky, it’s definitely a book for Dad’s to share and a title that will bring to the fore a lot of household trivia. I did feel however that a couple of the author’s facts needed checking as some tv shows have done the experiments such as Mythbusters who found that certain wasps would outlive the cockroach alongside missing the Templar connection to Friday the 13th which left me wondering how well researched a number of the other facts were.

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