Monday, 18 October 2010

5+: Three by the Sea - Mini Grey

Release Date: 30/09/10


In a house by the sea there happily live a dog, a cat and a mouse. Well, happily enough until a stranger knocks on the door one night, offering them each a special free gift. Who is this mysterious salesman blowing into their little world and turning it upside-down? And can their happy home survive his trouble-making gifts?


A fun frolic with three unforgettable characters, cat, mouse and dog who prove that an ordinary life, can be something special and that no matter what the argument, friendship is a bond that is far stronger than anger.

It’s fun, the characters are memorable and as a modern fable it’s beautiful. Great fun for any reader and a title that will be requested time and again by the young adult in your life especially when backed with the beautiful accompanying colourful artwork. Definitely an author to watch.

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