Monday, 11 October 2010

9+: 101 Things to Do to Become a Superhero - Richard Horne and Helen Szirtes

Release Date: 04/10/10


You are just 101 Things away from global fame (and possibly world domination). Inside this book is everything you need to transform yourself from mere mortal into exciting, dynamic total superhero material. Make things, learn amazing tricks, and be inspired by genius ideas in order to complete the transition from ordinary person to object of worship and admiration. Develop your ...Stealth Telepathy Powers of Persuasion. Then ...Select a sidekick Groom your dark side Before ...Learning to fly (etc.) Your days as mere mortal are over. Learn, make, practise and cheat your way to hero (or evil villain) status. What are you waiting for?


As a huge fan of quirky title I absolutely cannot restrain myself when a new one lands. So when this offering arrived I pretty much sat down and got on with it. What you’ll find within is a book full of fun and one that offers advice on becoming a Super Hero or (if you’re more inclined) an evil genius which backs up each point with a handy checklist and sticky stars so that you know what you’ve done and done well.

Its great fun, its something that will appeal to not just young readers but Super Hero fans of all ages (including those who got a real joy out of Kickass) and will make a great stocking filler for the hero in your life. My only real complaint is in how the book is split by one chapter for heroes, one for villains, to me it would have made more sense if the villain section had been taken and reversed so that you read back to front for the villains and front to back for heroes. It would have kept it easier for people to pick which way they wanted to go and to follow it through completely. That said, it is a minor complaint and shouldn’t really reflect on the fun that the reader of this title will have.

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