Saturday, 16 October 2010

10+: Young Samurai: Ring of Earth - Chris Bradford

Release Date: 05/08/10


Jack Fletcher is on the run. With no sensei to guide him, he has just his wits and his swords against many new and unknown enemies, as he journeys along the treacherous road to the port of Nagasaki and perhaps home...But the Shogun's samurai are hot on his trail. Barely escaping their clutches, Jack runs headlong into a trap. Kidnapped by ninja and led to their village deep in the mountains, Jack has no means of escape. The only question is who will kill him first - the ninja or samurai?


The fourth part of Jack Fletcher’s travels in Japan which picks up shortly after the previous one left off. Whilst you can read this title without having read the rest (thanks to the brief letter from Jack to his sister in the front) you’ll have lost a lot of the details that have been so carefully built upon by Chris which will give the reader the full flavour of Old Japan.

This title all in is very tight, has some great new characters for Jack to meet and above all else will turn the previous upon their head as he learns that some of his prejudices are due to a few colouring the many’s opinions. Add to this the positive portrayal of many attributes that seem to be dying off in this time and you get a story that will enthuse as well generate a serious need for more titles.

Finally, this title was one that I have had an immense amount of fun with and would recommend it as the Shogun for the young reader. Seriously great material and one that will instil a curiosity for the reader to look further into another culture. Great stuff.

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