Tuesday, 15 June 2010

TEEN: The Island - Sarah Singleton


Otto, Jen and Charlotte have planned the trip of a lifetime to India for their gap year, before going their separate ways to university. For Charlotte, it's an opportunity to get involved in an environmental project and finally feel like she's doing something worthwhile; for Otto, it's the perfect opportunity to take some real photos to help his career as a photojournalistic; for Jen, it's the realisation of a lifelong dream. But when Otto discovers the body of a girl on the beach, things take a sinister turn as he finds himself a prime suspect in her murder. Together Otto, Charlotte and Jen start to unravel the mystery behind the girl's death. Can they discover the truth and clear Otto's name and even if they do will they be able to handle what they find as their dreams of paradise crumble around them...


For me Sarah is a bit of a hit or miss author and with me disliking her last offering only due to the fact that the bad guy got what they wanted with no punishment, then it made this one pretty hard to pick up to begin with.

What unfurls within this offering is a tale of mystery, of murder and one that requires the reader to keep an eye on the action in order to fully comprehend what’s happening. Its Sarah’s best work to date and one that I easily could get behind to champion to readers. Add to the mix some almost photographic descriptive sequences, a human and flawed cast and its really a tale that will hit the spot for many young readers.

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