Wednesday, 9 June 2010

9+: Legends: Beasts and Monsters, Battles and Quests - Anthony Horrowitz

BOOK BLURB: Beasts and Monsters

In the cold, dead eyes of the Banshee, and the hissing, spitting fangs of the Gorgon; in the fiery breath of the dragon and the razor sharp claws of the Sphinx - there is a thirst for blood and a murderous hunger. But it is a time of heroes, and the teeth and claws of these hideous beasts are no match for the lethal blades of such men.

BOOK BLURB: Battles and Quests

In a time of war, of death and destruction, the world needs heroes - Arthur, Theseus, and Geriguiaguiatugo - their names are whispered on the wind - tales of epic quests, of furious battles, beasts slain and the glory of victory.


There are some stories that have been handed down by firesides for millennia and as such each new generation puts its own spin upon them to not only breathe life into them for the next generation but to also expand and pass on morals and attributes to the descendents on what ideal’s the teller wishes to promote.

Here in the latest offerings from Anthony Horrowitz we get tales that have amused as well as frightened, promoted positive attributes and dire warnings. Told in Anthony’s own indomitable sense of humour as well as quirky sense of the macabre it’s a series of stories that really will hook the reader and in such a brief amount of words that the reader will remember them for a long time. Add to the mix tales from all cultures including the more familiar Greek as well as the virtually unknown native American stories and its something that really will appeal to a number of people.

Within these two titles are bite sized offerings that really did keep me, as an adult enthralled especially with the tales that I was unfamiliar with and has created a need within to explore some of these mysterious cultures in deeper research. Definitely a couple of titles to purchase as these short story offerings make ideal bed time material, especially when backed up with the beautiful illustrations within.

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