Wednesday, 30 June 2010

12+: Inside my Head - Jim Carrington


This cleverly constructed narrative consists of three points of view: of Gary, constantly victimised by the school bully in a nasty, name-calling and vindictive way; the bully's friend, David and a new girl to the school, Zoe. All viewpoints are revealing. Gary reveals the painful and often unsuccessful attempts by a young man to control his anger under great provocation - and his inability to communicate. David is someone who is uncomfortable with the bullying but doesn't dare to do anything about it - until the end. Zoe is a young woman who can see Gary through different eyes and is independent, freethinking and brave. Also featured in this title are rampaging tractors, shotguns and cheese puffs.


Author’s are getting braver all the time so its something to be supported when they create a novel that deals with issues experienced by a number of their readers. Within this offering is a careful look and examination of the problems as well as trauma’s (both physical and mental) caused by bullying as the author lets the reader discover the events and how it made people feel from the three principle protagonists within. Its cleverly written and when you top that off with characters that will just speak not only the same language as the reader but also help them to see that they’re not as isolated as they may feel and it’s a title that I’d recommend all parents to read as well as demanding that their local library purchases a copy.

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