Thursday, 24 June 2010

TEEN: Blue Moon (The Immortals 2) - Alyson Noel


Beware the darkness and the light. They will steal your soul in day or night. In summer's warmth or winter's cold Your life will end when the Vours take hold. In the fearscape no one can hear you cry, And in its depth your soul will die. Reggie Halloway thought she was finished with the Vours - the demons who had possessed her brother, Henry - forever. She'd once faced them in a deathly battle for Henry's soul and now she wants to forget them. But Quinn, the Vour she left at the bottom of a lake, is back. And he is not alone.


The second novel in Alyson’s Immortal series and one that has a lot to live up to. After all with the way in which the original was left it was pretty much a shocker for the reader. What perhaps makes this tale a bit more realistic is the more rounded nature to the characters with a lot of their personality defects coming to the fore within, demonstrating that even when love is found, its not smooth sailing.
As with the original its got beautiful prose, great character development and finally topped up with just a sprinkle of reasonable dialogue wrapped up with some quite complex emotional issues to deal with. Great stuff.

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