Monday, 14 June 2010

7+: Monstroso - Charlie Higson


Oscar is not looking forward to Grandad coming to look after him at the weekend - it means he'll have to play endless rounds of chess or Monopoly, instead of war games on his computer. But when he finds Dad's ancient laptop in the study, he can't resist logging on to something called Project X - and all too soon Oscar creates a real live warrior, who is programmed to obey his every command. However Monstroso's wires are more than a little crossed, and Oscar finds himself in all sorts of trouble...Crazy fighting and monsters abound in Charlie's Higson's highly entertaining story for younger readers.


Short stories are something special especially when you get a descent author writing a title for World Reading Day. What unfurls within this offering by Charlie Higson is a tale that takes the reader into the world of the fantastical and brings positive attributes to the readers imagination.

That said however, the principle protagonist is a bit of a spoilt brat at the beginning of this offering and whilst this makes his change more dramatic did feel that it was left a little bit to late to fully engage the reader like him. Add to this offering computers and games that many of us can easily identify, a mystical and magical grandfather character alongside a huge amount of destruction with a touch of humour and it is worth persevering with.

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