Friday, 18 June 2010

5+: Dinosaur Sleepover - Pamela Duncan Edwards


Spending the night away from home can be a daunting prospect and Dinosaur is so anxious that he invents many reasons as to why he can't go: his family will miss him, he won't have his toothbrush or his clean pyjamas, and he can't possibly sleep without his teddy! But his little boy helps Dinosaur overcome his fears, and together they discover just how much fun a sleepover can be.


In a world where children are worried about different things, its quite rare for an author to present the young reader with an offering that allows them to learn about what to expect prior to the event. Here, we see a sleepover where things are explained to a dinosaur by his owner and backed up with some really beautiful artwork. Its quirky, it’s fun but above all it will be a story that will endear itself to young readers and adults alike. Great stuff.

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