Tuesday, 29 June 2010

9+: Triskellion 3 - Will Peterson


This is the third and final instalment in the paranormal adventure trilogy. Having narrowly escaped the clutches of the Hope Project, Rachel and Adam begin a new life in Australia. Their tranquillity is shattered, however, by the reappearance of Gabriel - and the terrifying adventure that they had hoped was over begins again. Hunted by enemies, old and new, their journey to discover the third, and final, Triskellion takes them home to New York, where they finally learn the chilling truth about their ancestry...


Readers these days have certain expectations when it comes to storytelling however I felt that I really couldn’t get behind the novel as the characters were pretty damn flat. That could be perhaps because I haven’t read the original two in the series but the principle protagonist really did seem as dull as dishwater from the off in this offering. Add to the mix some pretty standard twists and nothing new which really did make this tale a struggle to not only finish but a real let down to the writers. A great shame as I know some of the fans of the other two were expecting something really special with this tale.

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